a precise balance of modern font geometrics // jpFonts 

JP Alva is a technical and functional sans-serif that consists of 40 typefaces, divided in 2 font families JP Alva and JP Alva Extended. A universal family of typefaces that fits pretty much any purpose. It illustrates a precise balance of modern geometrics, with a functional yet sparing style that effectively communicates without distraction. A straightforward, unadorned appearance with efficient construction. Simple, clean with a technical note and a wide range of styles it is perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications, from identity systems to editorial design, from signage systems to software applications. Designed with powerful OpenType features (e.g. figure sets, fractions, ligatures, case sensitive forms) and extended language support, it is easy and enjoyable to use. Exclusively designed for jpFonts Germany. 
If you want to test and/or license the JP Alva font, please follow one of the links below:
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