a geometric sans serif typeface // URW Type Foundry // Monotype
URW Geometric is a sans serif typeface inspired by the German geometric typefaces of the 1920s but designed for modern usability. Trending & Hot New Font No.1 at myfonts 2016, in use by numerous global brands like Globo TV, Johnsen Controls, R.J.Reynolds, Glaxo Smith Kline, Emerios etc.

With its 10 weights ranging from Thin to Black, plus 10 additional oblique styles, it has a great versatility in mind. The extreme light styles shine bright in large sizes, the middle weights are perfect for body copy and the bolder variants for the use of emphasis information or bring a strong impact to headlines and information. The optically balanced styles are designed to work in perfect harmony together. URW Geometric is functional, strong, simple and harmonised in form, and at a glance appears as a modern variant of its predecessors.
If you want to test and/or license the URW Geometric font, please follow one of the links below:

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