Logotype and Corporate Font // Corporación de Radio y Televisión Española
Logotype and Corporate Font for the Spanish Radio and Television Corporation (RTVE).
The logos highlight the “e” vowel shared by all brands of the group. This vowel thus becomes a common “surname” as well as bringing personality and identifying power to the collective whole of RTVE’s companies.

The Corporate Font Officina ITC RTVE Sans ans Serif is a custom version of the original ITC Officina. Some modifications compared to the original ITC Officina include: overall slightly adaption to the character forms, redrawn and smaller serifs (Serif Styles), redrawn figure sets, decreased acenders and diacritical marks, increased decenders and a redrawn "e" to share the form of the "e" used in the logotype.
Additional optimizations for screen application. 

This project has been directed by Summa Branding, the typefaces have been carried out in cooperation with BauerTypes (local licensee partner).
Custom font modification under the authorization of ITC (International Typeface Corporation).
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